What is HDD-Clinic?

HDD - Clinic , is a developing medical application that facilitate your clinic work & patients data achieving. It also makes a printed prescription idea very simple, fast and organized, that't won't make switching to a computerized system a problem or slowing idea.

HDD - Clinic was designed in a user-friendly manner, with nice and clear interfaces, speed-prioritizing functionality, with obtaining as much useful data for patients current review, next visits, and future analytics data for interested users or researchers.

Key Features:
  • Smart Medical Prescriptions
  • Organized Visits Summarization
  • Patient Examinations & Investigations
  • No Data is Missed with Auto-Saving
  • Easy Patients Data Reviewing
  • Effective Tickets Management
  • Type only once, Find & Select Next
  • Arabic & English Languages
  • Online Access & Offline Backup
  • and much more...
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Auto Saving
Forgot to click Save Button ? No worried, There is AutoSave Feature!
Fixed Keyboard Input
Forgot to switch keyboard back to Arabic or English ? No worries, You can fix fields To certain language!
Never Duplicate A Patient
Forgot if you added this patient already? No worries, Just start typing and it will suggest for you any existing one, creating him/her if there was none.
Add & Modify During Usage
Just start writing your drugs & if it was a new one, it will be automatically saved to your collection!
Group Routine Drugs
If there was a group of drugs you usually use together, just combine them with specific name. Use them later directly with ability to keep on adding other drugs!
Examinations Data So Easy
You can customize which examinations fields to show & which to print. With multi-units & automatic calculations to some fields (BMI, BSA).
Your Investigations At Safe Place
Save Patients Investigations manually, by capturing them with camera or scanner, or even uploading various files types like PDF, Videos (like for Echo & patients signs)!
Request An Investigation
Want to send the patient for certain investigations? Utilize his data with favourite laboratories & investigations list easily & quickly.
Admit A Patient / Clarify A State
You Can admit the patient with specific, well-styled and auto-complete option, so that everyone can notice it clearly.
Numeric Or Simple
You can make drugs items to be numbered or simple dots, with ability to drag-drop to re-order them!
Super Simple Search
Confused between arabic similar letters ? Ignore difference between (أ،ا), (ه،ة), (ي،ى)! And can search using name, ID or capture patient QR-Code with a camera!
Adding Photos To Prescription
You can add photos to the prescription, decide where it should appear, its size, and if there was specific caption for it.
Direction Navigation
You can go to next and previous prescriptions directly & easily. Also view and navigate to your tickets list in a nice, organized side-panel.
Tickets System
Assistant can help the doctor by providing patient basic info, with some basic examinations parameters.
Tickets Scheduling & Pricing
Patients appointments can be scheduled based on daily limit, days-off and any other custom dates. With simple, multi-types pricing system
Smart Statistical System
Get Analytics / Statistical data of usage easily with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly numbers. With the ability to view the data in a graphic presentation to see peek dates, empty dates, and others.
For any question, request or feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time:
Telegram: @DomeDenea
Location: Iraq / Thi-Qar / Nasiriyah
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